Art deco, the jewel-patterned style popularized during the Roaring ‘20s, is trending again. The contemporary version of art deco pares down the maximalism without compromising on the ornate embellishments that define it. 

This interior design style is intended to make a statement — it’s still not for minimalists. If you want to decorate your home in a glamorous fashion, here are some expert tips to guide you:

1. Metallics and Mirrors: One of the hallmarks of art deco is metallic surfaces. Reflective and slick materials like chrome, glass, gold and silver are commonly used elements. Decorated mirrors also add a nice touch. 

2. Geometric Designs: Art deco invites statement pieces. Whether on rugs, wallpaper, art pieces, furniture or throw pillows, geometric patterns are key to unlocking the art deco vibe in your home. 

3. Cohesive Colors, Contrasting Lines: Be sure to offset the geometric designs with rounded lines as well: a table lamp, circular loveseat, round side table or globular sconces. Incorporate a complementary color scheme while creating varying lines.

4. Commit to Color: In rooms with mostly neutral colors, one piece of furniture or a few accessories with bright or deep jewel tones can add a hint of art deco style.

5. Luxe Fabrics: Fabrics are an easy way to add comfort and design to a room. Use velvet and silk for upholstery, curtains and throw pillows to add a subtle and sophisticated backdrop for reflective surfaces.

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