Your bathroom should create a sense of calm. You want it to feel spacious but still warm and inviting. Transforming your master bath into a comfortable, alluring spa is a great way to create a paradise right at home.

To design a master bathroom that’s both functional and stunning, your renovations — especially the costly ones — should cater to your actual bathroom usage. Consider these factors as you imagine your new spa-styled home retreat: 

Jacuzzi Tub vs. Luxurious Shower
For some, nothing says luxury like relaxing in a large jacuzzi tub at home. If that’s true of you, choosing the right tub can be fun. You can select from floating, wall-mounted, raised and other styles.

However, the popularity of jacuzzi tubs often overshadows the alternative: a custom shower. Are you more likely to use a roomy shower? Splurge on that instead of a large bath. 

Bathroom lighting options can feel endless. Here are a few ideas for inspiration:

  • If your bathroom lacks a clear focal point, install an extravagant light fixture that adds character to the room.

  • If you’re regularly up before the sun, install strip lighting beneath the cabinets so you can see your way around without turning on brighter lights.
  • Natural lighting can add a glowing touch to your home spa. If the room doesn’t already have a window or skylight, install one that fits your style.

Open Floor Plan 
Having an open floor plan between the spa area and master bedroom is timeless. A large entryway allows your paradise to blend seamlessly with your room.

Natural Materials
Organic is in style. Sealed stone flooring and wooden cabinets are the way to go for your master bath.

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